Hi, my name Jorn Theunissen and I am a programmer. I love coding and games. I graduated from my study Game Development at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam in July 2014.

I currently work as a junior software developer at Visma. In my spare time I work on games. I mostly work with C# (Unity engine) to make massive and ambitious projects, that of course never see the light of day because of their scale.

Always feel free to ask me anything regarding games, programming or game development in general. Just go to the contact form and I will reply as soon as possible.

Its a me.. Jorn

Latest Blog

Devlog #3 - Road splines

In this developer blog I show the Road spline extension on the spline tool. While in the Leadwerks editor you can create these cool road nodes.

Latest Project

On the road again

So here is my entry for the Leadwerks Winter games tournament 2016: On the road again. It is a simple game where you either drive a car or a ball over a random generated track.